Hybrid-integration external cavity laser (ECL) technology

Chilas lasers are made with hybrid-integration laser technology. Chilas’ laser comprises an InP reflective semiconductor optical amplifier (RSOA) as gain medium and a Si3N4 waveguide circuit as external cavity. The RSOA is edge-coupled to the external cavity. Two coupled micro-ring resonators (MRRs) with slightly different free spectral range (FSR) in the cavity ensure stable single frequency operation due to the Vernier effect. By means of heater elements the micro-ring resonators can be tuned over a 2𝜋 phase shift, permitting the laser to address any wavelength within the gain bandwidth.


Due to low cavity loss and long optical cavity length, Chilas’ laser can achieve high output power (> 20mW) and ultra-narrow linewidth (< 1kHz).

The lasers come as a standard 14-pins butterfly package, equipped with a Peltier element. The output fiber is PM with a FC/APC connector. Upon request, other packages and fibers can be made available.